Pacific Yew, Inc.


Classic English Style "D" Section Horn Nocked Hickory backed - Ipe (eepay) Longbows


Single Piece - $595.00

Takedown version - $795.00

Draw Weights 25# - 100#

Bow Lengths 64"-80"

A Classic English Style, "D" limb section longbow, featuring beautifully hand carved full horn nocks and matching inlaid horn arrow plate. Each longbow ships with two hand laid flemish placed bowstrings and fleece bow sock. The combination of these two beautiful bow woods, hickory and Ipe, results in excellent performance and unmatched longevity for a wooden bow. Hand-crafted by Jay St. Charles. These Classic longbows honor the British Longbow Society 5/8 Rule - the cross sectional depth of the limb the limb being no less than 5/8 of the limb width.

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